Our Approach

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Long Island Local.

All of the beef in RAWF comes from our small ranch on Long Island in New York, where we raise 100% grass fed and pasture finished cattle.  Our pastures are local, our employees are local.  None of our beef is ever outsourced.



icon of humanely raised on our ranch imageHumanely Raised On Our Ranch 

You can trust RAWF is the best raw dog food for your dog. We are the ONLY raw dog food that raises its beef on our very own ranch.  This means that you can trust that our beef is 100% grass fed and pasture finished and humanely raised without added hormones or growth promoting antibiotics.


no antibiotics or hormones iconNo Antibiotics Or Hormones

We treat our cattle humanely and never feed them growth promoting hormones or sub therapeutic antibiotics.  We do not cut corners and our nutrient dense beef reflects our care and attention to detail.



100 percent grass fed pasture finished100% Grass Fed And Pasture Finished 

Our cattle are 100% grass fed and pasture finished right here at our local farm on Eastern Long Island.  We never use harmful chemicals on our pastures and never will.  Our rotational grazing practices and our focus on soil health drive a healthier environment for both humans, our cattle, and, of course, the quality of the beef we use for RAWF.


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Made In Small Batches
Our beef patties are handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients, and we take great care making them in small batches at a UDSA licensed facility.




individually wrapped patties iconIndividually Wrapped Patties

We are the only raw dog food that individually wraps our beef patties.  You no longer have to stick your hand into a box or bag of raw patties to feed them to your dog.



american sourced and producedAmerican Sourced And Produced

We only use high quality American sourced whole fruits and vegetables in RAWF.  The fruits and vegetables are stored, handled, processed and transported under the current Good Manufacturing Practices.  Furthermore, our growers and packers follow stringent Food Safety and Quality Initiatives.



no grains or preservatives icon

No Grains, Fillers, Artificial Colors Or Preservatives
There are no grains or fillers in RAWF.  Grains are difficult for dogs to digest and are not required for a balanced and complete meal.  There is nothing artificial in our dog food, only our ranch raised 100% grass fed and finished beef, whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and essential vitamins and minerals. See more information here.



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Essential Vitamins & Minerals
RAWF includes essential vitamins and minerals, specifically designed by a leading dog nutritionist, for optimal growth, gut health and easy digestibility.  RAWF provides complete and balanced natural nutrition for your dog.



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Healthy And Unprocessed

RAWF is the healthiest food choice for your dog.  RAWF is unprocessed, raw, pure, and natural - similar to how dogs ate in the wild. Many pet owners and veterinarians agree that eating raw has many health benefits. 


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