What We're About

What We're About

Empowered to make change together

We’re so happy you found us! Like you, we want to do our part to leave the world a better place while providing high quality food for our entire family, including our pets. That’s why we are committed to using regenerative ranching practices at Acabonac Farms. These practices not only improve soil health and make the land better, but also produce a higher quality nutrient dense beef that is the base for our RAWF raw dog food.


So, thank you for stopping by to learn more about what we do here at RAWF. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love if it weren’t for folks like you who care about building a better future.


It's Not Just The Ingredients,
It's Where They Come From

Starting with 100% grass fed and finished Acabonac Farms beef we created a raw dog food that provides superior nutrition with an irresistible flavor. All while using regenerative ranching practices to not just sustain the environment but restore it. RAWF is an authentic farm to table experience for dogs. An uncompromised raw dog food from our ranch to their bowl.

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The Acabonac Farms Mission

We founded Acabonac Farms to show that small farms could utilize earth friendly farming methods to operate successfully. By making use of grazing practices to rebuild soil health and produce superior quality grass fed and finished beef we are encouraging our customers to reconnect with nature through education and participation by better choosing the food they eat. 

Our customers, like us, don’t just want to sustain the environment they want to restore it. Watch our brief video to learn more:

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