Raw Dog Food, Hand Crafted On Long Island Using the Best Quality Ingredients

The secret behind RAWF’s nutrient dense recipe is no secret at all. It starts with 100% grass fed and pasture finished beef we raise at Acabonac Farms.

By making use of grazing practices to rebuild soil health and produce superior quality grass fed and finished beef we are producing food that the entire family can enjoy, even your dog, right here on Long Island.

Superior Health Begins With Superior Ingredients

Dogs are our forever companions. As they grow and age, make sure to provide them with the high quality, nutrient dense food they deserve. When developing our recipe we worked with a leading pet nutritionist to create a raw dog food that was 100% balanced and complete. Designed to be in accordance with AAFCO standards.

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A Subscription As Unique As Your Best Friend

With RAWF we make access to our nutrient dense raw dog food as easy as possible. Conveniences like customizable order size, delivery frequency, individual patty packaging and unparalleled support all come together to create a product as uniquely perfect as your best friend.

Convenient Packaging, Free Shipping, 100% Supported & Fully Guaranteed


 We believe in RAWF so much that we are happy to offer a 100% no questions asked refund if your dog is unable to make the transition to raw dog food. Simply give us a call or chat with us now to let us know how we can help


RAWF raw dog food arrives frozen and individually packaged for a convenient feeding experience. Simply defrost your RAWF patty in the fridge overnight for your dog to enjoy the next day!

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When it comes to what to feed your dog, you have plenty of options. Research shows the best choice is feeding your dog grass-fed beef that promotes wellness and combats disease

For many people, feeding the dog is a chore they make as convenient as possible. But once you’ve discovered the advantages of nutrient-dense raw dog food, it’s hard to justify putting convenience over your dog’s health.

Proteins and the amino acids that build proteins are essential to normal body function for your dog. All dog foods contain protein, but for dog owners the question is more: How high quality is the protein my dog is getting?

Is raw dog food causing your dog to develop bad breath? Chances are, just the opposite is true. Stinky breath is a problem with many different causes, but raw dog food isn’t one of them.

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