Currently delivering to: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Sustainable & Nutritious Dog Food Delivered To Your Door

RAWF is primarily sold as a recurring auto-ship subscription, meaning we deliver to you at specified intervals to ensure you always have a supply of food. You can cancel anytime, meaning there's no long term commitment. For customers looking to try our product without subscribing, we also offer the ability for you to order without subscribing. If you have any questions, please call us at 631.731.2520. We are here to help you.

From Our Ranch to Their Bowl

There’s a lot of dog food out there, but RAWF Pet Food is something special. Local, Sustainable, Ethical, Nutritious. Made by the farmer himself with 100% grass fed and finished beef that he raised on his own ranch. It’s an authentic farm to table experience for dogs. From our ranch to their bowl. This is the RAWF difference.

Hand Crafted with Care Using the Best Quality Ingredients

Because the beef used in RAWF Pet Food comes from our very own Acabonac Farms (, we don’t have to guess if it is really grass fed and pastured finished. We know it is. We don’t have to think about the cattle being humanely raised, and without antibiotics and hormones, because we are there every step of the way. And we don’t have to wonder if our pet food is the perfect combination of nutrition and taste, because we created it with industry leaders.

We are Committed to Creating the Best Dog Food Available

We produce our dog food with care in small batches, individually wrapped, for your convenience. And while our commitment to our process and quality does make RAWF a premium offering, it’s comparably priced to our competitors who simply can’t match our superior product. Don’t pay for wasteful marketing plans or costly sales gimmicks. At RAWF we invest in the health of our soil and our cattle so that we can provide your dog with the very best raw dog food available on the market.

We currently deliver to customers in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You can place a one-time order to try us out, or subscribe! With your subscription, you can easily skip a shipment or modify your auto-ship as your needs change. If you have trouble, you can call us at 631.731.2520 and we will assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

To further discuss RAWF Pet Food, please call 631.731.2520 or send an email to

For many people, feeding the dog is a chore they make as convenient as possible. But once you’ve discovered the advantages of nutrient-dense raw dog food, it’s hard to justify putting convenience over your dog’s health.

Proteins and the amino acids that build proteins are essential to normal body function for your dog. All dog foods contain protein, but for dog owners the question is more: How high quality is the protein my dog is getting?

Is raw dog food causing your dog to develop bad breath? Chances are, just the opposite is true. Stinky breath is a problem with many different causes, but raw dog food isn’t one of them.

Raw dog food made from healthy beef, vegetables and fruit is better for your dog in almost every way when compared to kibble, including dental health. While eating kibble can cause dogs to develop teeth problems over the years, raw dog food and meaty bones can keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.